I love horror but I am SO SICK of writers giving characters dogs for the sole purpose of killing them horribly as cheap buildup/exposition. It’s so overdone that the second a dog is mentioned, you know it’s coming, it’s not even shocking. So before I give this genre a stab myself (stab, get it?) what are some good ways to build dread and/or show that Something Is Terribly Wrong/Something Bloodthirsty Is Here without sacrificing the family dog to the exposition gods?

Stab! Stab! Stab!

The exposition gods demand BLOOD! Must! Stab! DoG!

No but seriously. The reason dogs are often killed in horror is because most people love dogs!! Dogs are the greatest!! Hurting a dog is such a Serious Offense, some white people will take animal cruelty offenses to be a more serious indicator of a persons foul nature over racist hate crimes


Hence why killing dogs is popular- how awful an entity must be, to harm a pupper???

But whatever. As I like to say, save a dog, stab a cop.

Don’t quote me on that

There’s a few things that are Really Bad in western society. Harming animals, harming small children, and harming (or even mildly disrespecting) cops.

So why not kill the small child of the family?? Drive the parents to rage and grief a la Stranger Things? Why not make one of the parents a cop and drag ‘em through the mud. Or the slaughterhouse.

Religious figures are also a big one. Can’t disrespect that cross!!  Or bible. Set the jesus baby in a barn thing christians do for christmas on fire. Have them draw pagan symbols all over the bible.

Or the american flag. Americans are so Extra about their flag, seriously. I was surprised how many people actual wear the fucking thing. Why?? Like seriously, why??? I bet most americans have a flag in their house. Burn It. Shred it. Leave it n the trash with the rotting veggies

You could also have your entity turn the dog against them. Not harming the dog- making it ~evil~, despite loving and caring for the dog in it’s own monstrous way. How Dare. Corrupting Man’s Best Friend

(womans best friend is a cat I think. Can I claim crows for the nb’s? Or snakes?)

Finger guns~


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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