o great torture birb please tell me where to stab someone so it will hurt a lot but not kill them

Hi fren! I’m assuming this is for a fight or something similar?

Non-fatal places to stab include places like the outside of the thigh, the forearm, and the hand.Those are all really easy place to hit and could be possible targets in a fight. You could also try for the shoulder and the upper rm- those have arteries in them so be careful! Strategic miss lmao.

Any minor stab (like if you just catch them while theyre jumping away) isnt going to do much. Minor wounds arent that serious (almost like they’re *gasp* minor) but wounds to the bends or any bendy place suck. Also to the face- if you stab someone through the cheek it’s going to ruin their whole month.

That being said- being stabbed doesn’t hurt that much! Not if you’re all full of adrenaline! If you get stabbed during a fight, it’ll register like a punch or a blow. On a forum I was using for research, a person said they had got stabbed multiple times during a fight a and didn’t notice until someone pointed it out! This has a few exceptions- getting stabbed in the hand or cheek is gonna SUCK.

A non fatal way to cut someone but to cause some serious damage is to cut opposite the muscle grain. the big muscles in your highs run up and down so you can pull your leg up, right? So cut left to right and it’s sever the muscle making it difficult/ impossible to use that leg until it heals. You can also slash diagonally through the abdominal muscles which will make doing anything involving the core (aka a fucking lot of stuff) a nightmare

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