Would you know how to pick at a character’s mental illness? (torture,, the illness is not extremely severe; it is mild agoraphobia and borderline personality disorder)


disclaimer: not a psychologist, not afflicted with agoraphobia or bpd

It depends on your specific characters experience of course. I’m going to go with a more mild answer, instead of jumping straight into BURN THEIR EYES OUT, and give u some advice that you can tailor a little more.

The easiest way to pick at a character with agoraphobia would be to take out them of their safe places. If you were to torture them it… would probably make the whole thing much much worse long term, since they’ll literally be in an unsafe place with no easy escape or way out and not just a Brain Place. 

Brains are terrible.

If you trigger the characters agoraphobia a bunch of times, you may want to have it worsen from mild to moderate, at least for a while. You can also have them be Out Of Their Comfort Zone for a long period of time due to some important plot thing they can’t miss, even something mild like a friends choir show… and have it go wrong, somehow, enforcing That Places Out Of Their Comfort Zone are bad.

As for the bpd, perhaps you could have a trashcan character purposefully play with their unstable relationships- insisting that people don’t truly care about them, or that people that don’t care about them do. This can be some asshole character in a more every day setting… or some fucked up psychological torture nonsense while you burn their eyes out.

If your friends really cared for you they’d spend more time with you vs if your friends loved you they would’ve rescued you by now

Those are probably the easiest and most universal triggers for agoraphobic&bpd peeps. If your character has specific triggers you’re writing in, you could expose them to the triggers a bunch of times, as well as putting them in ambiguous or hard to read situations that could play with their anxiety and paranoia

Hope this is helpful!

Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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