Soulmate Prompts pt 2

Part one here

-The first words your soulmate ever say to you will be written on your skin on the first place they touch you. You aren’t sure if you just don’t have any words, so if they’re lost in the broad swathes of scar tissue carving up your skin.

-Everyone’s soul is in pieces- usually two though sometimes more. There’s the big piece that you get, and a smaller piece in the form of an animal called your familiar. Everyone grows up with the familiar of their soulmate as their companion, melding back into your soul when you meet. The only complete people are the ones who’ve met their soulmates.

The familiar made from your soul looks back at you from the foot of the bed as you sleep.

– If you write on your skin, the words will show up on your soulmates in the same spot. 

The very first time anyone replies, it’s the word HELP in big, shaky letters.

-You stop aging at 25 until you’ve met your soulmate, after which you’ll start again. Your soulmate has you killed throughout your lifetimes so they can live forever.

This lifetime, though, you were born remembering. It’s not everything, but you’re going to make it enough.

-The name of your soulmate is written on your left wrist. You’re a congenital amputee, who’s arm stops a few inches below your elbow.

-The Most Important words your soulmate will ever say to you will engrave themselves on your body when they’ve been said. You’re an amnesiac with the words ‘No matter what, I’ll always protect you’ cut bloody red over your sternum

-You can feel the moments of your soulmates death.You don’t know who your soulmate was, but you know they died messy when you were young. Until you feel it again. And again. And again.

-If you don’t meet your soulmate by twenty five, you’ll die. You’ve got a tumor in the base of your skull that’s not going to let you make it that far, but if you can meet your soulmate, just for a moment, you can save them before you take them with you.

– You died, blood bubbling on your lips as your soulmate laughed and laughed, as you thrashed and fought, as you choked curses around your teeth, anger boiling out with your guts as they pulled them free.

You wake up, the same nightmare again. There are no soulmates here


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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