Soulmate aus

As Written By An Aromantic 

-The first words you and your soulmate will ever say to eachother are tattooed on your skin. You have no Words, just a brilliant watercolour mass directly over your left hipbone.

-Soulmates see in black and white until they meet, at which point they gain the ability to see colour. You have been able to see colour for as long as you can remember- sometimes, though, you remember something. A pain, a flash. The feeling of your heart stopping. A name that isn’t the one you use now.

-The name of your soulmate, and the name of your greatest enemy are written on your wrists. You don’t know which one is which- except. One of the names on your wrist is yours.

-You’ll know who your soulmate is the first time the two of you touch skin to skin. You’re an assassin who always covers your skin completely, and who wears a helmet while you work. You get an assignment to work with another assassin, and for some reason you feel strangely drawn to them

-The name of your soulmate is inscribed on your skin somewhere. A red name is the best- a long lasting passionate love. Pink is much like red, but less intense. People with pink names are more prone to marryins outside the soulmate bond. Green is for platonic soulmates- people with green names are often bullied for not being ‘good enough’. Purple means you’ll never meet.

Your name is yellow. You’ve never heard of yellow.

-You’ll only know who your soulmate is when they die. You’re a quasi-immortal who’s lived through the lives and deaths of your soulmate reincarnated over and over again.

-Soulmates share dreamscapes. You’ve never had anything but nightmares.


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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