Hella rad superhero au ft. Ladies

Otherwise Known As: The Crow Sucks At Naming List Prompts And Needs Help

Here we go: Create an all-lady (and nb folks & men if you want, I’m just saying ladies for reasons that will be explained) Super hero league!!!

Why all female??? Easy.

All the members will have their powers and identities based off these abstract concepts, all of which are personified as ladies.

The concepts? The tenants of freedom and the nine Grecian muses!





Kalliope, the muse of poetry

Kleio, the muse of history

Ourania, the muse of astronomy

Thaleia, the muse of comedy

Melpomene, the muse of tragedy


the muse of

religious hymns


the muse of



the muse of

written music


the muse of verbal song and dance

You can also use zodiac symbols and vices and virtues, but those are slightly more commonly used. I don’t think I‘ve seen any muse-based superhero works.


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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