Hero villian prompts????

You’re a hero. Your datemate is a villain. You’re both aware of each others secret identities, and are very careful to never, ever let it slip that you’re dating to any of your allies. As a result, you both guard your secret identities reverently, creating a divide between you and your fellow heroes- the villains don’t care so much about that sort of thing.You have a loving and extremely healthy relationship, somehow.

You’re a hero and your identical twin is a villain.

You were a hero, once. Then you saw what the government was trying to do with the gifted members of the population and realized that to protect the people, you had to become a villain.

Your parents are supervillains. You’re dying of an incurable disease, and they desperately want to save you, even if it’s to the detriment of other people. You don’t tell them, but you’re the hero trying to stop them. Your life isn’t worth this,

You’re a thirteen-year old hero and your arch-nemesis is somewhere in their thirties. They protect you from other villains and keep ‘kidnapping’ you into their lair to feed you soup and improve your armour. This is very annoying to you.

You’re possessed by the spirit of a notorious villain, who, upon realizing xe was dying, tried to take some healthy random citizens body- lucky you. You now use their powers for good, locked in a never ending struggle for control over your own body.

You’re a parent whose child was taken by a villain. You decided to become a villain yourself and infiltrate their ranks to find your child.

You’re an underage hero who keeps being objectified by the media, and is very uncomfortable with the amount of sexual attention you receive from strangers whilst in your costume. Your arch-nemesis somehow finds out about your age and begins appearing out of the woodwork to fight you just as someone begins hitting on you

You’re a hero, and your once-mentor has become your arch-nemesis. Xe keeps trying to convert you to xir side.

More to come??


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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